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Lightroom Hotkeys for Windows

photography-post-production-editing-Services-retouching-color-correction-2aLightroom is an incredibly powerful tool that I highly recommend as the best professional workflow management software available. However, with such a powerful tool, sometimes functions that we use every day get buried among the abundance of menu options. We at photoExodus have compiled this list of useful lightroom shortcuts for Windows operating systems to give you the image editing tools you need to succeed. To best make use of this list we recommend printing it off and pasting it up next to your primary work station. Then pick out a couple of shortcuts to learn and use each time you sit down for an editing session. Pretty soon you will be a lightroom whiz kid!


Want to improve your workflow even more? Want to skip the Lightroom busy work altogether? Why not just outsource your images to the image editing service specialists at photoExodus? At photoExodus we are highly skilled in color correction services and other photo retouching services, affording you the peace of mind to rest easy. By using our photo retouching services you will not only save time but your bottom line. Think about it in this way. How much do you charge for an average event? Then calculate how much it would cost to use us to retouch your image. With this number in mind I am certain you would be better off spending your working time out shooting more events than sitting in front of a computer.


Open Catalog Ctrl O
Open Specific Catalog when opening Lightroom Hold down Ctrl while opening Lightroom
Import Photos and Video Ctrl Shift I
Grid View Go to Grid view G
Increase Grid Size = or +
Decrease Grid Size
Cycle Grid View Style J
Loupe View Go to Loupe view E
Show Info Overlay Ctrl I
Cycle Info Display I
Compare View Go to Compare view C
Switch Select and Candidate Down arrow
Make next photos Select and Candidate Up arrow
Swap most-selected/active photo \
Survey View Go to Survey view N
Zoom Toggle Zoom View Z
Zoom In Ctrl = or +
Zoom In Some Ctrl Alt = or +
Zoom Out Ctrl –
Zoom Out Some Ctrl Alt –
Lock Zoom Position Ctrl Shift =
Open in Loupe Enter
Loupe Overlay Show Loupe Overlay Ctrl Alt O
Choose Layout Overlay Image Ctrl Alt Shift O
Options Hold Ctrl key
Moving between Modules Library Module G/E/C/N or Ctrl Alt 1
Develop Module D or Ctrl Alt 2
Print Module Ctrl Alt 6
Go Back to Previous Module Ctrl Alt up arrow
Go Back Ctrl Alt left arrow
Go Forward Ctrl Alt right arrow
Selections Select All Ctrl A
Select None Ctrl D or Ctrl Shift A
Select Only Active Photo Ctrl Shift D
Deselect Active Photo /
Select Multiple Contiguous Photos Shift-click on photos
Select Multiple Non-Contiguous Photos Ctrl-click on photos
Add previous/next photo to selection Shift left/right arrow
Select Flagged Photos Ctrl Alt A
Deselect Unflagged Photos Ctrl Alt Shift D
Select Rated/Labeled Photo Ctrl-click on symbol in Filter bar
Screen Mode Normal Ctrl Alt F
Full Screen and Hide Panels Ctrl Shift F
Full Screen Preview F
Next Screen Mode Shift F
Secondary Display Show Secondary Display F11
Full Screen Shift F11
Show Second Monitor Preview Ctrl Shift F11
Grid Shift G
Loupe – Normal Shift E
Loupe – Locked Ctrl Shift Enter
Compare Shift C
Survey Shift N
Slideshow Ctrl Alt Shift Enter
Show Filter View Shift \
Zoom In Ctrl Shift = or +
Zoom In Some Ctrl Shift Alt = or +
Zoom Out Ctrl Shift –
Zoom Out Some Ctrl Shift Alt –
Increase Thumbnail Size Shift = or +
Decrease Thumbnail Size Shift –
Undo/Redo Undo Ctrl Z
Redo Ctrl Y
Quick Collection Add to Quick Collection B
Add to Quick Collection and Next Shift B
Show Quick Collection Ctrl B
Save Quick Collection Ctrl Alt B
Clear Quick Collection Ctrl Shift B
Set Quick Collection as Target Ctrl Alt Shift B
Folders / Collections New Collection Ctrl N
New Folder Ctrl Shift N
Expand all subfolders Alt-click on folder disclosure triangle
Show in Explorer/Finder Ctrl R
Stacking Group into Stack Ctrl G
Unstack Ctrl Shift G
Collapse/Expand Stack S
Move to Top of Stack Shift S
Move Up in Stack Shift [
Move Down in Stack Shift ]
Toggle Flag Flagged P
Unflagged U
Rejected X
Toggle Flag `
Increase Flag Status Ctrl up arrow
Decrease Flag Status Ctrl down arrow
Auto Advance Hold Shift while using P, U, X or turn on Caps Lock
Refine Photos Ctrl Alt R
Toggle Rating 0 – 5 stars 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Decrease Rating [
Increase Rating ]
Auto Advance Hold Shift while using 0-5 or turn on Caps Lock
Toggle Color Label Red, Yellow, Green, Blue Label 6-9
Auto Advance Hold Shift while using 6-9 or turn on Caps Lock
Painter Tool Enable Painting Ctrl Alt K
Show Keyword Painter Hold down Shift
Add Keyword to Painter Tool Hold Alt Shift and press 0-9
Rename Rename Photo F2
Rotation Rotate Left CCW Ctrl [
Rotate Right CW Ctrl ]
Delete Delete Photo Delete
Delete Rejected Photos Ctrl Delete
Remove Photo from Catalog Alt Delete
Remove and Trash Photo Ctrl Alt Shift Delete
Metadata Copy Metadata Ctrl Alt Shift C
Paste Metadata Ctrl Alt Shift V
Enable Metadata Auto Sync Ctrl Alt Shift A
Save Metadata to File Ctrl S
OS Copy/Paste within text fields Cut Ctrl X
Copy Ctrl C
Paste Ctrl V
Keywording Go to Add Keywords field Ctrl K
Change Keywords Ctrl Shift K
Set Keyword Shortcut Ctrl Alt Shift K
Toggle Keyword Shortcut Shift K
Next Keyword Set Alt 0
Previous Keyword Set Alt Shift 0
Apply Keyword Alt numberpad for 1 9
Face Recognition Faces view O
Confirm Suggestion Shift Enter
Activate Text Field Shift O
Select Next Face with text field active Tab
Cancel editing name Escape
Delete Face Region Delete (when text field inactive)
Expand/collapse stack S
Temporarily expand stack Hold S
Scrub thumbnails in stack Hold Alt while mousing over stack
Filtering Enable/Disable Filters Ctrl L
Show Filter Bar \
Text Filters Select Text Filter Ctrl F
Starts with =+ at beginning of word
Ends with =+ at end of word
Doesn’t Contain ! at beginning of word
Go to Develop D
Copying, Pasting & Syncing Copy Settings Ctrl Shift C
Paste Settings Ctrl Shift V
Paste Settings from Previous Ctrl Alt V
Sync Settings Ctrl Shift S
Sync Settings – no dialog Ctrl Alt S
Enable Develop Auto Sync Ctrl Alt Shift A
Match Total Exposures Ctrl Alt Shift M
Sliders Increase slider value = or +
Decrease slider value
Move slider value by larger increment Shift while using = or + or –
Auto Go to White Balance Tool W
Auto White Balance Ctrl Shift U
Auto Tone Ctrl U
Auto Slider Shift double-click on slider label
Black & White Toggle Black & White V
Snapshots & Virtual Copies Create Snapshot Ctrl N
Create Virtual Copy Ctrl ’
Presets New Preset Ctrl Shift N
New Preset Folder Ctrl Alt N
Before / After Previews Toggle Before/After \
Left / Right Y
Top / Bottom Alt Y
Split Screen Shift Y
Copy After’s Settings to Before Ctrl Alt Shift left arrow
Copy Before’s Settings to After Ctrl Alt Shift right arrow
Swap Before and After Settings Ctrl Alt Shift up arrow
Targeted Adjustment Tool Deselect TAT Ctrl Alt Shift N
Tone Curve Ctrl Alt Shift T
Hue Ctrl Alt Shift H
Saturation Ctrl Alt Shift S
Luminance Ctrl Alt Shift L
Black & White Mix Ctrl Alt Shift G
Lens Corrections Apply Upright without clearing Crop/Manual Transforms Hold Alt while clicking Upright button
Cycle Upright options Ctrl Tab
Cycle Upright options without clearing Crop/Manual Transforms Ctrl Alt Tab
Clipping Indicators Show Clipping J
Temporarily Show Clipping Hold Alt while moving slider
Reset Reset Slider Double-click on slider label
Reset Group of Sliders Double-click on group name
Reset All Settings Ctrl Shift R
Cropping Go to Crop Tool R
Reset Crop Ctrl Alt R
Crop As Shot Ctrl Alt Shift R
Constrain Aspect Ratio A
Crop to Same Aspect Ratio Shift A
Rotate Crop Aspect X
Reset Crop to Maximum for new Aspect Ratio Alt while changing aspect ratio
Crop from Center of Photo Alt while dragging
Rotation Angle Ruler Ctrl-click on start and end points
Cycle Guide Overlay O
Cycle Guide Overlay Orientation Shift O
Spot Removal Go to Spot Removal Q
Create New Circle Spot with auto source Click
Create New Circle Spot scale from center Ctrl Alt while clicking
Create New Circle Spot scale from starting point Ctrl Shift while clicking
Create New Circle Spot with manual source Ctrl while click spot and drag to chosen source
Create New Brush Spot Click and drag
Create New Brush Spot constrain to horizontal/vertical axis Shift and drag
Edit Existing connect existing circle spot to new spot, changing to brush spot Select existing circle spot then Shift and click
Toggle Clone/Heal Shift Q
Select new auto source /
Increase circle spot size ]
Decrease circle spot size [
Visualize Spots A
Hide Spot Overlays H
Delete Spot Select Spot then Delete or hold Alt while clicking
Delete Multiple Spots Alt and drag marquee to surround spots
Local Adjustments Brush/Graduated Filter/Radial Filter Show Overlay O
Cycle Overlay Color Shift O
Hide Pins and Bounding Boxes/Lines H
Duplicate Pin Ctrl Alt while dragging pin
Delete Pin Select pin then Delete
Increase or decrease Amount slider Alt click and drag

horizontally on pin

Apply & dismiss Radial Filter tool Double-click
Adjustment Brush Go to Adjustment Brush K
Paint brush stroke Click and drag
Switch brush A / B /
Temporary Eraser Hold Alt
Increase brush size ]
Decrease brush size [
Increase brush feathering Shift ]
Decrease brush feathering Shift {
Toggle Auto Mask A
Set Flow value 0-9
Constrain Brush to Straight Line Shift while clicking or dragging
Confirm brush stroke Enter
Graduated Filters Go to Graduated Filter M
Create New Click and drag
Edit Existing extend/contract Click and drag outer lines
Edit Existing rotate Click and drag center line
Edit Existing move Click and drag pin
Constrain Gradient to 90 degrees Shift while dragging
Graduated Filter Brush Shift T
Invert Graduated Filter Mask ‘ apostrophe
Radial Filter Go to Radial Filter Shift M
Create New scaled from center Click and drag
Create New scale from starting point Alt while dragging
Create New constrain to circle Shift while dragging
Create New scale from starting point and constain to circle Alt Shift while dragging
Create New constrain to crop bounds Ctrl double click
Edit Existing opposite sides move Click and drag edge
Edit Existing selected side moves Alt while dragging edge
Edit Existing constrain to existing aspect ratio Shift while dragging edge
Edit Existing expands 3 nearest sides Alt Shift while dragging edge
Edit Existing maximize to crop bounds Ctrl double click within ellipsis
Edit Existing move Click and drag pin
Radial Filter Brush Shift T
Invert Radial Filter Mask ‘ apostrophe
Soft Proofing Show/Hide Soft Proof S
Destination Gamut Warning Shift S
Merge to HDR with HDR dialog Ctrl H
without HDR dialog Ctrl Shift H
Show overlay O
Cycle overlay colors Shift O
Merge to Panorama with Panorama dialog Ctrl M
without Panorama dialog Ctrl Shift M
Edit in Edit in Photoshop Ctrl E
Edit in Other Application Ctrl Alt E
Export Ctrl Shift E
Export with Previous Ctrl Alt Shift E


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How To Make Professional Photography Fun Again!

Do you dread going out and shooting, is it seen as a chore for you these days? Well here are some tips that can get you out shooting again with a smile on your face.

Have a side photography project:

Image Post P SNo matter what kind of photography it is you do to pays the bills, don’t forget to have passion projects that keep you interested and get your creative juices flowing. Pick something that you are interested in and try and spend a couple hours a week shooting that for your own portfolio. How to pick a passion project? Close your eyes for a second and try and think about if you could shoot anything in the world and get paid for it, what would you shoot? Street photography, boudoir, light painting… whatever it is,  pay or no pay find time to shoot it. The positive thing about this is that eventually if you build up a large enough portfolio of what it is you really enjoy shooting, perhaps one day you can get paid to photograph your real passions!


Get off your pedestal and join the square shooting masses. No it isn’t as professional as Flickr or your own personal blog, but it is where your real friends and family are spending their time. So don’t be afraid to snap a dinner pic or a photo of your dog every once and awhile – not every photo you post has to be a Lucie Award winner. (update: now you are not confined to a square so you can share your photos in their native framing.)

Buy a different lense:

For the gear junkies among us this probably sounds like enablement. Well it is. There is nothing like a new lense to shake things up a bit in your photography life. Some advice for favorite lenses for when things get boring… a nice bokeh lens, a super wide angle, or a thrift store legacy lense.

Go on vacation:

I think this applies to any job, but it is even more relevant for photographers because what is one of the most fun things to shoot as a photographer. Vacations! Take a trip to an exotic location and be the envy of all your friends on your newly set up instagram account.

Share your skills with someone just starting out:

superb-skin-airbrush-technique-photoshop-ultimate-roundup-os-retouching-tutorialsSometimes one of the most fun things you can do in any profession is to share the skills of what you learned during your career. Many among us forget that there are others out there who are just picking up their first camera and discovering their love of photography. Sometimes helping another person hone their passion can remind ourselves of the reasons that we got into this profession in the first place. Being a mentor is a really fulfilling way to remind ourselves that we do something special and that we are respected for our work.

Outsource your image editing service needs to

Sorry for the plug, but this really is one of the best things you can do to make your professional photography career fun again. Hours spent in front of the computer color correcting and post processing images take all the fun out of the act of shooting. With our photo retouching services you get to have all the fun shooting, and no stress at all handing your images over to us to edit. Don’t trust handing over your precious images to an image editing service? Well at photoExodus we offer a free trial of 10 images so you can try out our photo retouching services absolutely risk free!

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Mac Photoshop Shortcuts Image

PortraitPro12_discount_offer_Digital_Camera_WorldTired of sitting in front of a computer screen on photoshop for hours and hours? Want to get off the computer and back out into the world with a camera in your hand? Well the photo retouching service experts here at photoExodus have a great tip to help you speed up your workflow – Hotkeys! Yes, it seems so obvious, yet there are so many great photographers I know who still only have a handful of photoshop hotkeys memorized. So here at photoExodus we have compiled a list of the most useful photoshop hotkeys for professional photographers. Print these off and tape them up next to your Mac, then every image editing session try and use a few new ones, pretty soon you will be a photoshop hoteky wiz!

Want to speed up your workflow even faster? Why not just hand over all of your post production needs to an image retouching service specialist! At photoExodus we work tirelessly to get our clients off of their Macs and back out into the world doing what they love — shooting! Investing in a quality image retouching service that you can trust is not only one of the best decisions for your personal life (and believe us your family and friends will thank you for it), it is a great business decision too! As a photographer you are best serving your clients when you are out in the field with a camera in your hand and that is where you make all your money. For example take the rate you charge for an event, then look at what our image post processing services cost? It is almost definitely a small portion of what you charge for an event, but I am willing to bet a majority of your time per event is spent on post processing. Using this logic it is irrational to not use a post processor!


Layers :
Fill a layer:  Alt+Delete (foreground) or Ctrl+Delete(background)
Flatten layers:  Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E
Merge visible Layers:  Ctrl+Shift+E
Bring layer to top of stack:  Ctrl+Shift+]
Send layer to bottom of stack:  Ctrl+Shift+[
Bring layer forward:  Ctrl+]
Send layer back:  Ctrl+[
New layer via copy:  Ctrl+J
New layer via cut:  Ctrl+Shift+J
Copy multiple layers:  Shift+Ctrl+C

Selecting :
Reselect:  Ctrl+Shift+D
Invert selection:  Ctrl+Shift+I
Select all layers:  Ctrl+Alt+A
Select bottom layer:  Alt+Comma(,)
Select top layer:  Alt+Period(.)
Deselect from the selection area:  Alt+drag
Deselect all but the intersected area:  Shift+Alt+drag
Deselect the entire image:  Ctrl+D
Move a selection:  Spacebar+Marquee Tool
Find the sizing handles:  Ctrl+T, then Ctrl+0
Select individual channels:  Ctrl+3(red),4(green),5(blue)
Select a colour from an image:  Alt+Brush Tool

Brushes/filling :
Increase/decrease brush size:  ]/[
Increase/decrease brush hardness:  }/{
Fill:  Shift+F5
Previous/next brush:  ,/.
First/last brush:  </>
Toggle airbrush option:  Shift+Alt+P

Saving and closing :
Save for web & devices:  Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S
Close & go to bridge:  Ctrl+Shift+W

Working with your images :
Levels:  Ctrl+L
Free Transform:  Cmd+T
Curves:  Ctrl+M
Colour Balance:  Ctrl+B
Hue/Saturation:  Ctrl+U
Desaturate:  Ctrl+Shift+U
Auto Tone:  Shift+Ctrl+L
Auto Contrast:  Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L
Auto Color:  Shift+Ctrl+B
Lens correction:  Shift+Ctrl+R
Adaptive Wide Angle:  Opt+Shift+Ctrl+A
Content aware scale:  Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C
Content-Aware Move:  Shift+J
Create clipping mask:  Ctrl+Alt+G
Blending modes:  Shift+plus(+) or minus(-)
Change image size:  Ctrl+Alt+i

Viewing :
View actual pixels:  Ctrl+Alt+0
Fit on screen:  Ctrl+0
Zoom in:  Ctrl+plus(+)
Zoom out:  Ctrl+Minus(-)

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Image Retouching Services Secrets To File Storage

superb-skin-airbrush-technique-photoshop-ultimate-roundup-os-retouching-tutorialsA common question among photographers is how long to store their customers RAW photos. If you use our color correction services or other image retouching services at photoExodus, we would like to think that your clients will never need a re-edit again. However, there are certain cases such as a late requested black and white conversion where it can be beneficial to have the original RAW images.

So should you hold onto them? Well this is really up to personal preference and branding. I am a bit of a hoarder, so I skew towards keeping. However, I think that with the price of hard drive storage today it is so easy and inexpensive to hold on to those images indefinitely that I see no reason to ever delete them. Although, it is extremely rare that you would ever need them again, it is a nice value add to offer them the peace of mind that you have a digital backup of their files.

Even as RAW image sizes continue to increase in size, the cheapness of hard drives is out-pacing file size growth. For example my favorite camera, the A7R’s RAW file size is 63mb per image. For a 2 TB drive that means you can store roughly 31 thousand images before you will run out of space. And how much does a 2 TB file system cost at the time of writing this. Well if you follow my model, you can have a raided 3 backup storage system for around $300.

lisa_retouch01First I recommend buying this HDD docking station with duplicator function and RAID 1. How this works, is with RAID 1 turned on you plug in two HDDs into the docking station and every file you place on your drive, it is automatically mirrored on the second drive. This way you have a second backup on the other HDD in case your primary HDD fails. This allows you to buy the cheapest HDD storage on the market, because you don’t really have to worry about hard drive failure as you will always have a mirrored copy. For those who really take their image security seriously I suggest keeping a copy of the files off site as well to prevent against fire, theft and other acts of god. For this you just remove the raided HDD at certain intervals, i.e. once a week/month and store at an offsite location. Then simply slide a third HDD into the docking station and press the duplicate button to duplicate the contents onto the new one.

The best part of this extremely inexpensive system in place your files are extremely secure and by the time you fill up those 2tb drives, the price of HDD space will be even cheaper.

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