Color Correction Services

  • Standard Color Correction    $ 0.28 per image

Want to keep your style additions in house, but hate the monotonous work of balancing whites & blacks and adjusting for skin tones? Let us do the boring work for you! We work to bring all your photos to the same balanced baseline so that later you can quickly go through and spray-paint on your unique styles without having to worry if the photo is correctly exposed.

  • Custom Color Correction   $ 0.37 per image

Love shooting but hate anything and everything post processing? We work with you to match your style so that you can leave the whole post processing workflow to us and truly be free of the tyranny of post processing!

Retouching Services

Our retouching service includes 3 levels of retouching:

  • Basic Touch Up    $ 3 per image

Includes basic blemish removal and wrinkle softening.

  • Touch Up Plus    $ 4 per image

Skin smoothening in addition to everything you get with Touch Up.

  • Touch Up Body *    $ 6 per image

Everything you get with Touch Up Plus in addition to slight body sculpting.

*Need original RAW files for this

For special jobs that require more complex alterations, such as black and white conversions, complex body/skin retouching or for aesthetic modifications, hair removal or any other post processing not covered in the other sections, we charge an hourly rate of $50 an hour. Please contact us for a quote.


$0.05 per image 

Spare yourself the pain and anguish of having to kill off the precious photographs you worked so hard to craft. Often times an objective eye does a better job selecting your bests, and we always keep a keen eye out for the overall flow and sense of story.


$0.01 per image 

Tell us your naming convention and we will apply it to all your photos after editing and culling is finished.

Time Synced

$ 0.05 per image

Syncing your cameras is crucial for our editing process. We recommend that you do this before sending the images to us. If you forget or do not want to be hassled with it, you can leave it to us for a small fee.

Additional Services

  • Three Day Rush Order    40% per job

We try and complete all jobs as quickly as possible, but this guarantees a quick turnaround.

  • One Day Rush Order    80% per job

For jobs that need to be completed immediately.

  • Small Order Processing    10% per job

For color correction jobs of less than 50 images.

  • JPEG Color Correction    15% per JPEG image

Please shoot in RAW, it has much more dynamic range and is far easier to post process.


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