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How to send my file to photoExodus ?

Please watch our tutorial video “How to Send my file to photoExodus”, follow the process step by step to learn how to create small previews of your images that we can work on. We will send you back the XMP files that you can load onto your original full size RAW photos, so don’t worry about any loss of quality. This will save tons of time in uploading.

How to send my file to photoExodus?


What is the order process?

  • Go to http://photoexodus.com/order/.
  • Select services and upload your images along with your “Style Profile”.
  • After we’ve completed and sent you your order we will forward you the invoice and you can pay within 30 days of receipt.


What is Style Profile?

  • If you are doing a“Standard Color”edit, your “Style Profile” is an edited image or two that exhibits the skin tone baseline you want us to match all the images to.
  • If you need “Custom Color” edits, your “Style Profile” is a link to your website (or online portfolio) or 5 to 10 images that best exhibit your style, also include any presets you use to help us get a better feel for your style.

* Please refer to the FAQ “How do you match my style?”

How does the "Try us for free" work?

  • Go to http://www.photoexodus.com/free-trial/
  • Select what you need done!
  • Select up to 10 photos that you want sample edited. Please see “How do you match my style?” below to see what to include with these 10 photos.
  • When we’re finished we will send you web-resolution JPEG’s to check if we matched your style. If it’s not perfect tell us and we’ll work with you until we get it right!

What is your Turnaround Time?

  • We usually have images back to you within 5 business days of receiving them. However, please realize that during wedding season we get very busy and it can sometimes take up to 7 business days or more. Please feel free to contact us about our current turnaround times.

Do you offer Rush services?

If time is a big concern we do have rush services available.

  • 3 Business Day Turnaround Time. 40% of the submitted order!
  • 1 Business Day Turnaround Time. 80% of the submitted order!

Do you have a minimum charge?

NO! :-)

Why should I use photography post processing services?

Photography post processing services


  • Photography post processing services can save you hours of time… What you do with all this extra time is up to you.
  • Sometimes photographers get too emotionally attached to a single photograph, a hard shot for example. Utilizing photography post processing services gives you a second eye and can help with those hard culling decisions.
  • During busy months photography post processing services can help you complete deadlines without having to hire other employees.
  • Many photographers are afraid of giving up their unique style. But when using our photography post processing services the photographer doesn’t have to give up their style. We work on an 90/10 rule. We do 90% of the boring color correction and retouching work and let you do the creative last 10%.
  • Nobody likes color correcting images for hours on end and photography post processing services allow you to enjoy photography again by eliminating this task.


What is the difference between standard and custom color?

  • “Standard Color” is our most popular service and works best for most photographers.
  • With “Standard Color”, we work on each image individually to adjust the skin tone to match the sample image you provide us. We make sure that every image has proper and constant White Balance and that every image is properly exposed by adjusting the exposure, brightness, shadows and creating good white and black points.
  • If you want more than just skin tones matched and want us to add your specific style to images then you should choose custom color.
  • Custom color has all the benefits of “Standard color” but with your specific style applied.
  • If your style is super unique and requires intensive color manipulation we will request a higher creative mastering rate.

How do you match my style?

  • If you are doing a“Standard Color”edit please send us an edited photo or two that exhibits the skin tone baseline you want us to match all the photos to. For standard color we focus on getting all your photos to an established baseline so that you can quickly go through later and add on style yourself.
  • If you need “Custom Color” edits please send us a link to your website or online portfolio that we can look at to study your style and match it. If you do not have an online portfolio then please include 5 to 10 photos that best exhibit your style. Also, please send us any presets you use to help us get a better feel for your style.
  • If you are a first time customer, once we have recieved your order we will then send you back a sample of about 10 of your photos before we continue with the full order to assure that we have matched your style correctly. We will record your style preferences for reference in future orders.

How do I get my Edited Files back?

  • Once we are done editing your images we send you back XMP files that contain all of the edits that we made to your images. You must not rename the files on your computer while we are editing them, our edits will not take effect if you rename your files while we are editing them.
  •  Lightroom users please watch our video above with step by step instructions on how to do this.

Can you accommodate an Aperture workflow?

  • Unfortunately Aperture works with a different XMP format. In order to keep our prices low and streamline our business we have made a decision to focus exclusively on Adobe Bridge and Lightroom workflows and to not support an Aperture workflow.


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