Image Retouching Services

Spending too much time on the computer post processing images? Learning photoshop hotkeys is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your image editing skills and speed up your workflow. So to help you out we at photoExodus have compiled a list of the most useful and commonly used photoshop hotkeys for photographers. I suggest you print this list out and tape it up next to your primary desk location. Then try and learn a few new ones during each image editing session, pretty soon you will be a photoshop wiz!

Want to speed up your workflow even more? Skip the post production process all together and outsource your images to a highly skilled image retouching service such as photoExodus. We provide quality photography post processing services including image retouching services and color correction services. Utilizing an Image Retouching Service not only gives you more time to do the things you love, it also makes good business sense. To understand this further, think back to your last doctor checkup: the nurses (who are also very skilled at what they do) did the majority of the work… taking your weight, pulse and all of the other necessities, then the doctor came in for a few minutes gave his diagnosis and left. This is because the best use of the very skilled doctor’s time is not taking a patient’s pulse, it is giving diagnosis. Let us be your nurse… we are very skilled at image editing and we can free up your time to do what you do best, taking beautiful pictures.

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Layers :
Fill a layer:  Alt+Delete (foreground) or Ctrl+Delete(background)
Flatten layers:  Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E
Merge visible Layers:  Ctrl+Shift+E
Bring layer to top of stack:  Ctrl+Shift+]
Send layer to bottom of stack:  Ctrl+Shift+[
Bring layer forward:  Ctrl+]
Send layer back:  Ctrl+[
New layer via copy:  Ctrl+J
New layer via cut:  Ctrl+Shift+J
Copy multiple layers:  Shift+Ctrl+C

Selecting :
Reselect:  Ctrl+Shift+D
Invert selection:  Ctrl+Shift+I
Select all layers:  Ctrl+Alt+A
Select bottom layer:  Alt+Comma(,)
Select top layer:  Alt+Period(.)
Deselect from the selection area:  Alt+drag
Deselect all but the intersected area:  Shift+Alt+drag
Deselect the entire image:  Ctrl+D
Move a selection:  Spacebar+Marquee Tool
Find the sizing handles:  Ctrl+T, then Ctrl+0
Select individual channels:  Ctrl+3(red),4(green),5(blue)
Select a colour from an image:  Alt+Brush Tool

Brushes/filling :
Increase/decrease brush size:  ]/[
Increase/decrease brush hardness:  }/{
Fill:  Shift+F5
Previous/next brush:  ,/.
First/last brush:  </>
Toggle airbrush option:  Shift+Alt+P

Saving and closing :
Save for web & devices:  Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S
Close & go to bridge:  Ctrl+Shift+W

Working with your images :
Levels:  Ctrl+L
Free Transform:  Cmd+T
Curves:  Ctrl+M
Colour Balance:  Ctrl+B
Hue/Saturation:  Ctrl+U
Desaturate:  Ctrl+Shift+U
Auto Tone:  Shift+Ctrl+L
Auto Contrast:  Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L
Auto Color:  Shift+Ctrl+B
Lens correction:  Shift+Ctrl+R
Adaptive Wide Angle:  Opt+Shift+Ctrl+A
Content aware scale:  Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C
Content-Aware Move:  Shift+J
Create clipping mask:  Ctrl+Alt+G
Blending modes:  Shift+plus(+) or minus(-)
Change image size:  Ctrl+Alt+i

Viewing :
View actual pixels:  Ctrl+Alt+0
Fit on screen:  Ctrl+0
Zoom in:  Ctrl+plus(+)
Zoom out:  Ctrl+Minus(-)